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So a stable and continuous sale requires a customer's understanding of the technical quality of the products.

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In this connection, 2Ra (Radin Sanat Rayan) trading company started its activity since 2010 with the purpose of supplying drug items, vaccine and biologic materials for livestock and poultry industry, and according to its vision which is using latest products of the world in terms of scientific and commercial, are supplying highest quality products and service in this field and has put improvement of its activity in the same way of IVO current rules and continuously technical and commercial cooperation with the famous companies in the field of animal husbandry.

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In our group we have faith to the team working and using experience of expert people in this field and we believe so that by making thinking service in all sections we can bring satisfaction to our customers. 

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Nowadays amount of livestock, Poultry and fish productions have changed to the symbol of improvement countries because of supplying consumption protein and its close related to other manufacturer and related industries and its critical role in exportation, furthermore activity and investment in this field in addition will bring benefits and job creation and would be reason of economic growth and prosperity.

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