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Brucella Melitensis Rev.1 Vaccine
ABORVAC-R Lamb Vaccine is prepared from B. melitensis Rev.1 strain, attenuated, live and freeze-dried vaccine. One dose of Aborvac –R Lamb Vaccine contains 1-3×10⁹ of  B. melitensis Rev.1 Bacteria and as stabilizer in each vaccine bottle 6,25 mg Enzymatic Digest of casein (casiton),12,5 mg sucrose and 2,5 mg sodium glutamate.
Indication and Contraindications:
ABORVAC-R Lamb Vaccine is used for active immunization of 3-6 months of age female/male lambs and kids against brucellosis.
For vaccination of sheep/goats older than 6 months, it is highly recommended to use  “ABORVAC – R sheep“ from VETAL to cover whole life of animals.
Administration and Dosage:
  • 50 doses of vaccine with 50 ml of sterile diluent is injected of 1 ml subcutaneously to scapula back.
  • ABORVAC-R Lamb Vaccine is applied to healthy female/male lambs and kids.
  • The vaccinated animals are marked with permanent maker.
  • After vaccination of animals, it is recommended to keep the animals in a cool environment for 2 days.
  • Injection site a small hard swelling and a slight increase in body temperature are considered a normal reaction to the vaccine.
  • The vaccinator should observe rules of asepsis and antisepsis and use masks and gloves during vaccination. If necessary, contact places with vaccine are washed with antiseptic.
Diluted vaccine should be used within 2 hours.
Side Effects:
On rare occasions, anaphylactic shock may develop within 2 hours of vaccination. In this case 2 ml of atropine sulfate 1/5000 2 times each with an interval of 12 hours must be given subcutaneously.
Destruction Conditions:
The vaccine is autoclaved without open the content. (121℃ for 30 minutes) and discard to cesspool. If destruction will contaminate the environment of conditions; used vials are boiled for 5 minutes in water and then buried in soil or immerse used vials in appropriate disinfection solution (phenolic, Iodophore or aldehyde formulation) then buried in soil.
Note that vaccine is pathogenic for vaccinators. Vaccinators should avoid accidental self-injection or exposure to vaccine including aerosols and eye or skin contamination.
Storage Conditions:
The vaccine is stored in dark environment at 2 ℃ to 8 ℃.
20,50,100 and 200 doses in each vial with diluent. (20 ml for 20 doses ,50 ml for 50 doses, 100 ml for 100 doses and 200 ml for 200 doses).

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