Animal vaccines


Indications :
Active immunization of cattle, sheep and goat against Foot and Mouth Disease produced by types
O TUR 07, A IRAQ 22, A IRAN 05, A NEP 84 (G VII) and Asia 1 TUR 2014. At least 6 PD50 per dose
virus inactivated with BEI and adjuvanted gel.
Dosage :
Sheep and Goats : 1 ml
Cattle : 3 ml
Use and Recommendations :
- Shake the bottle well before use to resuspend it.
- Do not use automatic syringes.
- Inject S.C. or I.M.
- Keep the animals away from stress factors for 15-20 days after vaccination
- Only healty animals should be vaccinated.
- Infected animals and animals suspected of being infected should not be vaccinated.
These animals that were left out should be vaccinated later.
- All of the susceptible animals of the farm or village should be vaccinated.
Immunization :
- Immunity begins within 10 days after the first vaccination.
- Protection reaches maximum level on the 21st day.
- Young animals: First vaccination for young animals from unvaccinated dams at 2 weeks of age
and for young animals from vaccinated dams at 2.5 months of age. The second injection (booster)
should be at 3-4 weeks after the first injection.
- Adults: Vaccination period is every 4 months.
Precuations :
- There may be a slight inflammatory reaction at the injection site.
- As with all vaccines, hypersensitivity reactions may occur.

Storage and Transport :

- Store between +2˚C / +8˚C.
- Do not freeze.
- Protect from light
- Transport in insulated containers.

Presentation :

Bottles of 100 ml and 300 ml.

Made in Turkey

Nowadays amount of livestock, Poultry and fish productions have changed to the symbol of improvement countries because of supplying consumption protein and its close related to other manufacturer and related industries and its critical role in exportation, furthermore activity and investment in this field in addition will bring benefits and job creation and would be reason of economic growth and prosperity.

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