Animal vaccines

polivac 100ml

Polyvalent Clostridial Vaccine

Composition :
Cl.perfringes types A,B,C and D,
CI.novyi type A and B,
Pasteurella multocide,
Mannhemia haemolytica.
Active immunization against Enterotoxaemias, Blackleg, Braxy (Malignant Oedema),
Black Disease, Pulpy Kidney Disease, Necrotic Hepatitis, shipping fever, pneumonia and
Cattle and Calves (more than 3 month old) : 4 ml (s.c)
Dosage: Sheep, Goats and Calves (less than 3 months old) : 2 ml (s.c)

Lambs and Kids : 1 ml (s.c)

Pregnant Animals:
Booster in the 2nd pregnancy period, immunization of females during pregnancy confers a
passive protection for their offspring during their first three months of their life.
Young Animals:
Born from vaccinated mothers, vaccinate them at their 8th weeks of life.

Store at +2°C to 8°C. Protect from light. Do not freeze.
Shelf-life Period:
Two years.
100 / 250 / 300 ml.

Nowadays amount of livestock, Poultry and fish productions have changed to the symbol of improvement countries because of supplying consumption protein and its close related to other manufacturer and related industries and its critical role in exportation, furthermore activity and investment in this field in addition will bring benefits and job creation and would be reason of economic growth and prosperity.

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