Poultry medications


Aivlosin® is highly effective
• Quickly reduces all the classical signs of
“bulgy eye”
• Conjunctivitis – Watery eyes – Nasal exudates –
Sinus swelling – Depression
Treated birds have increased weight gain
and improved feed efficiency over
un-medicated birds
Simple to Administer
Hints for mixing
• Use cold water for the mixing of Aivlosin, it
surprisingly dissolves even better in cold water!
• Always stir the water vigorously whilst slowly
adding the correct weight of Aivlosin granules
• When making a stock solution never make a more
concentrated solution than 40g Aivlosin in 1.5L
The benefits of using Aivlosin®
• Highly palatable – no reduction in intake of
medicated water during treatment period
• Convenient pack sizes – simple dose calculations
for 3 day treatment programmes
• Short 2 day meat and offal withdrawal period –
allows peace of mind
The excellent solubility of Aivlosin,
especially in cold water, and short 3 day
treatment period makes it simple to
administer and ideal for use under field
Aivlosin® 625mg/g Granules
for Pheasants
The only licensed product for the
treatment of Bulgy-eye in pheasants
available in two convenient pack sizes
16g Sachet - sufficient to treat
1000 - 6 week old Poults for 1 day
40g Sachet - sufficient to treat
1000kg bodyweight of birds for 1 day

Nowadays amount of livestock, Poultry and fish productions have changed to the symbol of improvement countries because of supplying consumption protein and its close related to other manufacturer and related industries and its critical role in exportation, furthermore activity and investment in this field in addition will bring benefits and job creation and would be reason of economic growth and prosperity.

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